Turn your WhatsApp chats into a book

After three years of life, Tiny Books will no longer offer its services.

Throughout this time we’ve had the opportunity to offer our customers a tender product, which serves as a souvenir for the posterity. We are now focusing our efforts on other projects, which forces us to cease the service.

Thank you for having chosen us!

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Choose the messages and images you want to include. Our online editor automatically saves all the changes you make in your conversation so you can continue editing it whenever you want. Customise your Tiny Book with all the patience it deserves.

Printed in Barcelona and Madrid

Each Tiny Book is printed individually and with a great deal of care in printers from Barcelona and Madrid. The books are made with a 115 g matte coated paper for the inner pages and a 280 g Fedrigoni Nettuno Perla cardboard for the cover. They are printed using the digital printing system in order to guarantee the maximum quality and sharpness of the pictures. Books longer than 50 pages are assembled using the perfect binding system, the shorter books are stapled.

The size of the books is 10 cm wide and 15 cm tall, so they can fit your hand in the same way your smartphone does.

15 cm tall
15 cm
The books include images and emoji

No page limit

Tiny Books are designed to fit WhatsApp conversations as longa s you can imagine. After 400 pages the conversations are divided into volumes to make the books are more durable and manageable. The price of each book depends on the number of printed pages. You can see the prices in the price list.

During the edition of your Tiny Book, you'll always see a real time indicator showing the approximate number of pages that your Tiny Book will have.

10 cm wide
10 cm
Customise the cover of your book


The books are sent to you by parcel delivery. The delivery time is between 5 and 10 working days. Please contact us for special requests.

Your most special WhatsApp conversations can be kept in a book. What are you waiting for?